Our Services

Our Services

Free Masterclass

Feed Your Soul, Smash Your Scale is a free masterclass which reveals the truth about how you can Lose Weight, Become Happier, Healthier & More Vibrant for free!

Ascension Healing Circles

Ascension Healings have a combination of Reiki, Reconnective, Crystal, Kundalini Energies, combined with the presence of angels, archangels and many other divine Christ consciousness energies.

Ascension Coaching

Ascension Coaching has an impact on those having an impact! You do not need to sacrifice your health, joy, vitality and precious time with loved ones as you pursue your dreams. I will bring you on a journey of true high vibe wellness and energy coaching as you strategize to co-create your divine path to miracles as you achieve soulful success and live a life of deep fulfillment, abundance, joy and meaning. Life is too precious to live with regrets. Are you ready to play full out and liberate your soul from unnecessary overwhelm, struggle, illness and mediocrity? If you feel like there is something more for you, or there is some kind of void, or you need healing or support on your journey that you envision, fill out the application and see if what I have to offer, resonates with your needs. Your life is a gift and the world needs more of you!

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