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Whether diagnosed, given a poor prognosis or feeling "hopeless" about surviving a "terminal" illness, Cellular Empowerment will bring you to the optimal level of healing by working with your subconscious mind. What your subconscious believes becomes a "self-fulfilling prophecy"

Introductory Cellular Empowerment Series Group Session Webinar

Cellular Empowerment Series can be conducted at a distance, Call or Click to arrange a time with my assistant.

The Mission of our Inner Miracles Cellular Empowerment Series, is to offer a spectrum of powerful modalities to heal your life on all levels.  After engaging in this phenomenal transformative program, you will free your mind, heal your body at a cellular level, open your heart, expand your soul and ignite your Spirit!  You will experience harmony amongst the 7 Dimensions of your Human needs leading you down a path of lasting health and vitality, living authentically while reaching your true potential!  You can heal a diagnosis or poor prognosis, as well as attain optimal fulfillment in every relationship, especially the most important, the relationship you have with yourself. The relationship you have with yourself determines the choices you make from whether you choose to nourish your body or  abuse it, as well as your ability to give and receive love unconditionally.  While you connect with your Inner Healer you will change your beliefs system from negative to positive at a cellular level!  This will empower you to heal a disease or dysfunction, harmonize your thought patterns, your emotional makeup and your behaviour as you release the shackles of your past and become a master of your life and your health!


This 12 Week program is offered remotely via telephone/skype and includes:

A minimum of 3 Reconnective Healing Sessions
6  Mind/Body Sessions (12 weeks)
Audio downloads
Nutritional Guidance
Holistic Wellness Coaching 

This entire package is worth over $1000.00 but we are offering it at the incredible rate of $797.00!!

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