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Over the years Nancy and myself have received a number of testimonials that reflect the quality of our services.  Below is a sample of few of the testimonials that we are honored to show. We will be adding a more as we receive them. 


"Dr. Luc and Nancy truly compliment one another while caring for their clients. They are a lovable couple who both share the passion and determination to give their very best in the guidance and care of the lives they touch. They are truly from the heart! I never realized my healing potential until I met these beautiful, compassionate Healers! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."   Jim P., Orlando, Florida
"Nancy and Luc will change this world!!!!!!!"       Kyle M., Dallas, Texas
 "After implementing a few dietary changes that they have recommended, I no longer take arthritis medication!!! I am 35 and have been taking pain meds for inlammation and arthritis since the age of 16!! I LOVE you both!!!!"       Tara K., Port Elgin, Ontario
"These two individually emanate love, but when they host healing sessions together, Love takes over all of your mind and body. They are AMAZING! Love heals the world! And they have so much to offer!"    Tracy M., Ottawa, Ontario
 "Nancy is such a lovable soul. She goes to the grocery store and doesn't come back for 5 hours! She is so busy making everyone's day with her beautiful smile, heartwarming words and incredible, compassionate energy! She loves emanates from her heart everywhere she goes. As a client, I have been healed by her words, her energy, her hands and her presence for many years. Nancy's energy is addictive! She is a healer from her heart and soul."   Kevin, Timmins, Ontario
 "Dr. Luc is a true visionary, healer and inspiration to all. You have saved my life Dr. Luc!"    Mike McC., San Francisco, California
 "Out of the sincere kindness of his heart, Dr. Luc gave us free Chiropractic Adjustments for 2 weeks while on his honeymoon!! He helped us so much as we would be carrying huge trays at the resrt we work at. Thank you so much for your kindnesses. Pura Vida!"    Theressa, Costa Rica
"I have never felt so much compassion and unconditional acceptance from a Health Care Provider in all of my life! Nancy makes you feel so safe and comfortable to share, grow and transform! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I now have my life back!"      Kelsy G., Edmonton, Alberta
 "Nancy is so intuitive and gifted. Her kindness and loving guidance shifted me from a state of anxiety and depression to pure joy and inner peace. I am now living my potential and cherishing every moment as a new opportunity! I now realize that life is such a precious gift! Thank you, Nancy!!"    Deidre R., Vancouver, B.C.
 "I never thought I could enjoy healthy eating and that I would always crave junk food, but with the sevices offered through the Inner Miracles program, I have not only lost 48 pounds, I LOVE veggies, fruit and all that is good for me! I truly do eat to live. I feel so energized, happy and confident. This program offered me guidance and support to finally put an end to yo-yo dieting, bingeing and self-sabotage. I love myself and respect my body and mind, therefore I choose to nourish myself with healthy food, healthy thoughts, emotions and habits. I struggled all my life with my weight. Now, I have created lasting change. Thank you!!!"    Andrea T.,   Owen Sound, Ontario
 "When everyone else gave up on me because the Doctors told me there was nothing more they could do, Nancy was there for me and made me regain my strength, my health, my LIFE! I am alive today because of your compassion, determination and unconditional love. You are a truly gifted healer...and now I realize, so am I!! I DO have an inner healer, but I needed my Coach to guide me back to health. I am alive and well!"    Sam, H. Sydney, Australia



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