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Surely at some point in your life you’ve attempted to start a new habit or quit an old one, but failed – right?  You just found it too difficult to implement.  You didn’t have the right information.  You spent countless hours trying to figure it out on your own and got terribly confused or frustrated and decided to quit.  It was much easier to just keep doing what you’ve always done.  But the sad reality is that when you take this approach… you just keep getting the same old results you’ve always gotten!
Ever wonder why the best athletes in the world have coaches?  It’s certainly not because their coach is better than them, otherwise they would be the pro, it’s because a coach can help you identify where your weaknesses are,  what your strengths, your purpose and your passions are so you can acquire guidance to live a life of fulfillment, joy and inner peace.  Together, we will discover  where you are not performing at your full capacity, how you can maximize your full potential and live your life as your authentic self!
If you’ve decided it’s time to make that change, to finally take control of your life and go after the levels of health and vitality that you know you deserve, you should certainly consider hiring a Holistic Wellness Coach. 
A Holistic Wellness Coach will help you discover what YOUR specific goals are.  We will guide you toward the proper choices and help you make empowering decisions that will bring you closer to the life you desire and deserve!  And one of the key advantages of having a personal coach is the fact that we will help you follow through with your plans.
Each individual has their own unique needs and areas of life that need more help than others.  And many of us get overwhelmed and confused with all the conflicting information that is available.  Often we end up making the wrong choices that may even worsen our situation and ultimately bring us to the conclusion that we are failures and cannot achieve our desired goal.  With Inner Miracles' Holistic Wellness Coaching method, we will assess your 7 human needs, your ability to not only meet them, but to harmonize on all levels of your existence.  Your 7 Human Needs are:
1)  The need for Unity / Connection & your ability to Give / Receive Love
2)  The need for Purpose / Contribution
3)  The need for Personal Growth
4)  The need for Safety / Comfort
5)  The need for Spiritual Wellness 
6)  The need for Physical Wellness
7)  The need for Mental / Emotional Wellness
Our Holistic Wellness Coaches will assess where your disharmony lies amongst the 7 Human Needs, while also exploring what limiting/negative beliefs or programs are causing the imbalances within your subconscious mind so we may change your perceptions from negative to positive.   Our methods will lead to lasting change and transformation, so you can reach your highest potential in all aspects of your human needs.
This is the power of having a Holistic Wellness Coach on your team.  We can help you connect the dots and distill the information into bite size pieces that you can easily implement into your busy lifestyle.  It’s not about quick fixes, but rather unlocking the root of your problems and implementing systematic, proven protocols to help you achieve the lifestyle and health of your dreams!  And best of all, having a coach to guide you along the way will ensure long term success that is sustainable and will transform your life without deprivation, but rather with fulfillment.

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