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Commonaly Asked Questions with Answers:

Reconnective Healing: 

Reconnective healing has been proven effective in the treatment of both physical and mental problems. Practitioners can now be found worldwide. Reconnective healing has been shown to change brain and heart activity. Recent scientific studies have suggested that energy healing restructures the skeletal system, muscles, and tissue and balanced mental states. Research into Russian Olympic athletes by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov has suggested that mental and physical performance were enhanced following reconnective healing. In one case, a leg fracture healed faster.

Dr. Eric Pearl founded the movement, and has appeared on innumerable television programs in the United States and other countries and was invited to speak at the United Nations. His seminars have been reported by publications including the New York Times. His patients have reported the sudden disappearance of conditions such as cerebral palsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, epilepsy, cancer, and AIDS-related conditions.

Dr. Pearl obtains impressive results merely by holding his hands near the patient. He says he uses healing energy which is available due to human evolutionary achievement.

Does Believing in reconnective healing have an influence on outcomes? 

  It is not necessary to believe in reconnective healing for it to work. The same, after all, is true of physiotherapy. Dr. Eric Pearl, who founded the movement, has often remarked that his most disbelievingpatients often experienced the most dramatic healing and that there is nothing the process cannot accomplish. While a positive attitude can help with reconnective healing as it does with any aspect of life, a lack of expectations can actually make reconnective healing more likely to be of benefit. If a client would not feel comfortable closing their eyes, they can keep them open.

 Dr. Pearl himself was once an unbeliever. He said he was "the last person" who would believe in such a thing, having become a doctor and entered practice. He said he was never one for Tarot readers, moon earrings, or spirituality. However, his opinion changed when patients reported miraculou healing and his palms blistered and bled. 


Does Hypnotherapy Work?

The word, "hypnosis," is derived from hypnos, which is Greek for "sleep." Hypnosis is a condition of deep relaxation and altered consciousness, termed a trance. It is akin to dreaming or sleepwalking. A person in such a state is deeply focused and unusually responsive. Clinical studies have indicated that hypnosis can ease pain and anxiety, reduce recovery time, and improve immune function. Studies of burn patients suggested that hypnosis can decrease pain to the point where medication is unnecessary.

Hypnotherapy is thought to be helpful with indigestion, warts, eating disorders, tinnitus, stress, skin disorders, pregnancy, phobias, bed-wetting, addition, insomnia, asthma, pain, and irritable bowel syndrome. Most people are aware of results after between four and ten hypnotherapy sessions. Children aged nine to twelve can respond after only one or two appointments.

Hypnosis is considered a supplement to counseling because a hypnotic state enables people to access painful memories and other thoughts which are concealed from the conscious area of their minds. It allows people to perceive matters differently, which could explain why it assists with pain management.

  Hypnotism Techniques 

There are various techniques of hypnotism. In each case, suggestions should be made positively, for instance saying "I want to be calm" rather than "I don't want to be irritable." The objective is to prevent the conscious mind from resisting suggestions.  

Progressive relaxation uses a the tensing and relaxing muscles to completely relax a person. The process begins at the top of the head before being applied to the torso, limbs, fingers, and toes.   Subjects can concentrate on a moving object such as a spiral. Concentrating on the moving shape puts people into a deep trance. Bright, shiny objects can also be used.    It is possible to hypnotize yourself. You close your eyes and breathe slowly. Next, you attempt to empty your mind of thoughts. Meditation can aid with this process. Then you perform progressive relaxation. Imaging, such as thinking of water flowing over you, can be used in this instance. Success is evident if you feel that you are floating or spinning.      Ericksonian hypnosis uses metaphors to present suggestions to thesubconscious mind.


  Does Hypnotherapy Help Depression & Anxiety, Cancer and healing, weight loss, sleep disturbances, confidence/self-esteem, forgiveness.

Many conditions respond positively to hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy allows you to take control of depression. It works because the subconscious mind is much more amenable to positive change. Dr. Alfred A. Barrios found that 93 percent of people recovered after hypnotherapy, compared to 72 percent after behavioral therapy, and 38 percent after psychotherapy. 

Hypnotherapy can be helpful in cases of cancer. It can improve the quality of a person's life. It is widely believed that stress reduces the effectiveness of the human immune system.       

Weight loss is a problem for humans rather than other animals because we eat emotionally. Food is used to change feelings. People eat when they are sad, lonely, or bored, and not due to physical hunger. Data from the National Center for Health Statistics shows that 30 percent of U.S. citizens aged 20 or older are obese. When hypnotized, people are advised to alter their habits. They can be told that sugar does not interest them, or that fresh fruit is desirable.

Spritual Healing

Does positive thinking influence healing??

Studies found that Buddhist monks shifted neurological activity from the right side of their brains to the left using meditation. The right hemisphere is associated with positive feelings while the right is associated with negativity. Meditation lessens stress hormones and improve immunity. When our bodies are calm they produce something akin to Valium, while when we feel invincible, our bodies make chemicals similar to interleukin-2, a chemical used to fight cancer. Thinking of having a million dollars in the bank will not make the money appear, but it will make the mind more receptive to opportunities which could produce that result.

Spiritual teacher, Deepak Chopra, detailed the process of positive thinking. First, a goal must be envisaged. Trustworthy guidance should be obtained from a personal teacher, support group, or books. Meditation should be conducted. A lifestyle conducive to positive thinking should be adopted, featuring less stress, good sleep, exercise, and diet. Only positive relationships should be entered into, making it helpful to associate with others of like mind. Old wounds should be come to terms with, and negative energies released.


  Spiritual Healing:?Where do you start?

 Wayne Dyer is a speaker and author of world renown in the realm of self-development. He penned 30 books, produced innumerable audio and video programs, and featured on radio and television shows in their thousands. He qualified as a doctor of educational counseling at Wayne State University and was an associate professor at St. John's University in New York. Dyer says that the mind can control physical and emotional wellness by moving away from negative thoughts.  

John of God, born Joao Texeira da Faria, is one of the most famous proponents of spiritual healing. He was a farmer with no medical degree and indeed little education, but appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show. One of his successes was Ernie Chu, who traveled to Brazil in 2002 to have a tumor the size of an egg removed from his back without anesthesia.

Dyer is a spiritual teacher and John of God a spiritual healer. Spiritual healing is accomplished by channeling healing energy from a source to a subject. Spiritual healers can be found by word of mouth or on the internet.

Spriitual Healing and possible treatment for PTSD?

The New Mexico Department of Veterans' Services Cabinet Secretary, John Garcia, said that the Veterans Association has done admirable work healing the bodies of veterans, but has been less effective in treating their souls. The 2010 Integrative Wellness Conference for Treating Veterans with PTSD, sponsored by the Department, was held in Albuquerque, and detailed alternative treatments such as acupuncture, massage, meditation, and yoga.   

Meridian-based therapies use the pressure points on the different acupuncture meridians to release negative energy. The specific techniques are Tapas acupressure, emotional freedom, and thought field therapy. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing releases negative thoughts by alternately stimulating both sides of the subject's body. A considerable body of research has shown that EMDR can assist in the treatment of PTSD even as severe as that of Vietnam war veterans.      

Richterite is a stone said to lessen the "fight or flight" aspect of PTSD. It has often appeared in folklore and can be used, for instance, in the form of a throat chakra ston

Healing Hands, what is this all about. (John Of God)  

The healing hands of John of God have cured many people. He heals more people in one day than a large, Western hospital would in a month. Unlike U.S. hospitals, he requires no payment. Healed people have been examined by traditional doctors of medicine, who have noted perfect incisions and significant shrinkage of malignant masses such as tumors. He has even performed healing at a distance.  

John of God says that his powers come from 33 spiritual entities who were all remarkable healers when they lived. He has contact with only one entity at a time, but can change between them. John says that the first, when he was 16 years old, was King Solomon. The principal spirit is Dom Inácio de Loyola: St Ignatius Loyola. He has named his place of work after this character: the Casa de Dom Inacio, which is located in a small town named Abadiania in the province of Goias, near Brasilia.  

The healing hands of John of God use kitchen knives and no anesthesia.

Healing Touch, who possesses this?

Healing touch is centered on the idea that people are fields of energy which constantly interact with each other and the environment. It aims to restore equilibrium to the energy system of a patient.

A healing touch session commences with the calming of the patient's mind and the taking of a presence with the patient. The healer than places their hands lightly upon the body of the patient or makes sweeping motions near it. The objective is to give the patient energy or balance the energy within them. People's energy cannot be quantified, however new instruments like the quantum interference device have shown promise for research into healing touch. 

Healing touch was recognized more than two millennia ago: Asian shamen held that the balance of life energies were critical to the maintenance of health, and that ailments resulted from energy imbalances. Other practices like Qigong, acupuncture, and yoga aim to harmonize these imbalances.  Healing touch was first developed by Janet Mentgen, a nurse in Colorado. The most famous practitioner of the moment is John of God, who works in Brazil.

  Questions About NLP  How long does it take to reprogram your mind?

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) requires a lifetime to master. Courses can last for anything from three to 20 days. The Affiliation of NLP, a British "mostly" non-profit organization, recommends 125 hours of contact with a coach spread over a minimum of 20 days. The Association for NLP has a target of seven weeks for accreditation, although this can take longer if further information is required. There is great demand for NLP practitioners worldwide, and earnings are good. People learning the techniques of neuro-linguistic programming, however, can experience immediate results.

Most issues, for example smoking, are addressed in the first session of NLP, although sometimes further treatment may be required. It is rare for more than six sessions to be required. Sessions generally last for between one and one-and-a-half hours.   

When people experience problems with relationship, prosperity, weight loss, job burnout, or self-esteem, they often come to believe that they are not trying hard enough or that other agencies – a spouse, boss, parents, our genes, society, or fate – are responsible. The book, The Missing Peace in Your Life, explains why your wisdom does not always manifest itself in your life as you would wish it, and why struggling further could be part of the problem, and not the solution. The book tries to free people of the tyranny of always trying harder.


What is Psych K

PSYCH K, short for psychological kinesiology, is a simple but powerful technique which frees your mind of the negative beliefs which sabotage your success. It is based on scientific research into brain dominance theory and ancient wisdom. It changes behavior effectively. PSYCH K is based on the idea that our reactions are determined by learned behaviors; programming which mostly happens when we are very young. Past behavior is stored as values, beliefs, and attitudes, and everything we do or think is a result of these. But these can be changed PSYCH K rewrites the software of your mind, which changes the printout of your life.
PSYCH K identifies limiting beliefs through the use of muscle testing. When the subconscious mind receives information it considers false, it sends a disrupted or delayed neurological signal to the muscle undergoing testing, resulting in a weak muscle test. This shows that the subconscious holds a certain belief.   PSYCH K was developed in 1988 by Robert M. Williams, M.A., who was frustrated with the lack of lasting change that resulted from typical counseling.


 Benefits of PSYCH K-what does it help with? 

The author, Robert M. Williams, M.A., created PSYCH K. He was spent his life exploring human potential, and has a 14 years' experience of business management. PSYCH K comprises simple processes which empower you and allow you to alter your perceptions and beliefs, which affect your very biology.

To fully understand PSYCH K it is necessary to attend a workshop, but this book will show whether such an investment of time and money is worthwhile.

 Distance sessions with Nancy performing PSYCH-K (smoking, overweight, anxiety, depression, stress, healing...)

Smoking is mostly a habit which people often deliberately acquired. It is common for smokers to automatically reach for a cancer stick when they drink or after a meal. Smoking could well be a coping strategy. PSYCH-K can change the beliefs which cause you to smoke.

Food is another thing which can be a coping mechanism, indulged in for comfort or reward. PSYCH K could change this view. Or it could lead you to hold the view that you are fully responsible for reaching your target weight, or prompt you to take exercise.

Depression can be a manifestation of another problem, such as regret, rejection, resentment, repressed anger, or general anxiety. PSYCH K can deal with the root of the problem.

These problems can be dealt with at a distance by Nancy. She acts as a surrogate, standing in for you. A link is created between your higher mind and her.

How does distance Healing work?

 Usually, people treated with spiritual healing are situated next to the practitioner, however sensing of the energy field of a patient and its defects are not limited by distance. "In person" healing is generally rather more powerful, but effective treatment can still be given at distances as great as thousands of miles.  

Distance healing has a scientific basis. In a study in 2008, 36 couples were studied. 22 of these included a cancer patient. The couples were divided into one group where the healthy person was trained to direct their intentions to the patient, another group was tested before one partner was trained, and a third group was not trained at all.









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