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Many people do not believe that men can be abused, but I have been. As a child, I was sexually abused by a friend of the family. Of course, I never wanted to discuss this with anyone, so I decided to eat to stifle my pain. Food was my best friend! All through highschool, I was overweight and teased. Then, I married a very abusive woman. She verbally attacked me constantly, calling me names and treating me like a worthless waste of skin. Thanks to Nancy, I now forgive the past, let go of addiction, as I realized how I deserve to be loved! I did not need to protect myself with excess weight so no one else would hurt me...this was a subconscious belief I held onto. I have lost 122 pounds and I love myself more than I ever dreamed possible! Nancy loves all...she doesn't judge anyone. You feel like you can tell her everything! It is like coming feel safe, secure and accepted. I am now free from the past, free from addiction and free from all forms of abuse! I honor myself now and I am planning to run a marathon very soon!! It has been an incredible journey! Thank you Nancy! You gave me my life back!

Allan, Toronto, Ontario

I have a very busy life with 4 kids and 3 jobs! I am a single mother and do not have 5 minutes to myself! Finding my way to Inner Peace has changed my life forever! I just listen to it as I fall asleep, and there is a huge shift in my perception of life, as well as my ability to deal with life itself!! My life has never been so peaceful until now. Nancy has the voice of an angel and I am so grateful to finally feel that life is worthwhile once again! I no longer blow up on my kids because I am overwhelmed, I feel that there is a more loving, peaceful bond within our family now! Life is great!

Ciara, Nova Scotia

I was heavily medicated for anxiety for 21 years. I tried every type of therapy known to man and nothing has worked until I met Nancy! I am now drug free and loving life again!

Hilary, Melbourne, Australia
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