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Many people do not believe that men can be abused, but I have been. As a child, I was sexually abused by a friend of the family. Of course, I never wanted to discuss this with anyone, so I decided to eat to stifle my pain. Food was my best friend! All through highschool, I was overweight and teased. Then, I married a very abusive woman. She verbally attacked me constantly, calling me names and treating me like a worthless waste of skin. Thanks to Nancy, I now forgive the past, let go of addiction, as I realized how I deserve to be loved! I did not need to protect myself with excess weight so no one else would hurt me...this was a subconscious belief I held onto. I have lost 122 pounds and I love myself more than I ever dreamed possible! Nancy loves all...she doesn't judge anyone. You feel like you can tell her everything! It is like coming feel safe, secure and accepted. I am now free from the past, free from addiction and free from all forms of abuse! I honor myself now and I am planning to run a marathon very soon!! It has been an incredible journey! Thank you Nancy! You gave me my life back!

Allan, Toronto, Ontario

"Don`t believe anyone when they say it is never too late. Live NOW. Act NOW. Before you ruin your life with addiction or fear, change NOW! I gained so much weight by stuffing my emotions with food, that I was almost 300 pounds! I was bullied in school and at home as a child. I have now learned to forgive! I now am down to 187 pounds! I have 30 pounds or more to go, but the fat just started to melt off as I forgave. I made better food choices, carried more loving, positive thoughts and feelings and now I am feeling incredible! I do have stretch marks and loose skin to deal with, but I have INNER PEACE and LOVE for myself and others. I am ME. I am proud to be me and feel like I won the lottery! I love Nancy!! You saved my saved my soul!"

Grace, Vancouver, B.C.

I have NEVER heard the ending of this sleep audio which is a good sign! I feel amazing!

Jessica, Vancouver, B.C.
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