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Masuru Emoto introduced hado in his New York Times bestselling book, The Hidden Messages in Water. He says hado is at work when you enter a room teeming with people and, before a word has been said, sense the mood. In Japanese, “hado” is “vibration” or “wave motion.” In Japanese, the word consists of the characters meaning “wave” and “move.” In recent decades, the word has been spoken in connection with philosophy and science, particularly quantum physics, which is founded on the premise that all things are in a state of vibration. In a spiritual context, it refers to healing properties. It has entered popular consciousness, and people can be heard to say, “He is low on hado, today” and “This place has no hado. Let's go.”

Hado is everywhere, in all places and within all creatures. Emoto says that because all things resonate energy, changing the vibration of the energy changes the substance of things. Dr. Max Planck (1858-1957) said, “Everything is a vibration and its effect... All physical matter is composed of vibration.”

Worldwide, hado cleansing rituals are performed to clean bodies of water. Emoto's first public demonstration of hado took place next to the most polluted lake in Japan, Lake Biwa, on 25 July, 1999. The water stank. Emoto asked the assembled crowd of 350 to project positive emotions at the water. Samples were taken from the water before and after the ceremony, which showed a remarkable improvement in the structure of water crystals. A month later, an article appeared in the influential newspaper, Kyoto Shinburn, reporting the success of the venture.

A certified Hado instructor is a person who has been personally trained by Emoto and has fulfilled the required course contents. Such a person is prepared to impart Emoto's teachings. Emoto and his instructors have healed many people of conditions ranging from diabetic circulatory problems to leukemia.

You can create your own hado water. You begin with mineral water held in a glass bottle: plastic bottles contaminate water. Tap water is unsuitable as the chlorine within alters the water molecules, leaving it unable to form crystals. The water should be placed before a sound system playing positive music. Examples are John Lennon's Imagine and The Blue Danube. There should be no cellphones, computers, televisions, or microwaves ovens nearby, as Emoto showed in his books that these inhibit the crystallization of water.

Paper is then cut into pieces large enough to carry writing. Healing messages should be written on these, such as “thanks,” “appreciation,” and “love and gratitude.” Then, messages should be written which are specific to you. You should think of the greatest health problem you have, such as “pain”, and then write the word which is the opposite of that, which in this case is “relief.” Then, you should write “My pain <or whatever> has gone.” The slips of paper should be taped to the glass bottle with the words facing inward.

Finally, you drink the water. You may be surprised by the results.

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