Everyone has been hurt. A lot of people unintentionally hurt others because they are unaware as they live unconsciously, therefore they do not even realize they are being hurtful…their perspectives in life had an effect upon them where they lack some awareness, compassion, or perhaps they cannot contain their suffering, by acting out subconsciously.

Then there are people who get a thrill out of seeing people suffer or in causing pain to another, they feel “powerful”…these people are very sick. They are so damaged within, that their suffering spills over and is obvious to the world around them. These people have likely been emotionally abused by someone…perhaps abused in other ways, and instead of growing from it, they reach outside of themselves for addictions, materialism, plastic surgery, etc…because they are so afraid to go within.

In this post today, I want you to understand that everyone is doing the best they can at their level of consciousness. In order to have compassion, you must understand this. Now, I am not saying you need to become a martyr or spend time with these people, but it is so important to be kind to them…they are already suffering…do not add to their pain.

I have been through this, and had to let go of an old friend. I will always care about this person, but she is unwell in so many ways. It is sad to feel like you have abandoned someone, but you must love yourself first. Some people do not want others to be happy, but that is sadly because they do not love themselves, or have any self worth. Be kind. Always.

Check out this audio if you need to forgive and let go:


Love you all!


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