Some people workout seven days a week, eat clean, drink lots of water and consider this to be the essential self care plan. While this is all very significant, you cannot neglect the deeper parts of you. Your soul needs nurturing too. A nose job, liposuction, bigger breasts, will never make up for the pain inside. Many people feel if they focus on the exterior, they will look and feel great…but when that is all you focus on, there will be an emptiness, a struggle within that one day can no longer be ignored. Either strange physiological or psychological symptoms will arise, or a serious diagnosis. Here is some guidance to truly taking care of your whole self. Your life depends on it!

It is essential to keep peace within your soul and love within your heart. You do not have time for worry, anxiety, anger, resentment or guilt. Life is far too short to harbor any negative emotions. When you feel any negative feelings or thoughts arise, you must express them fully, then release them completely from your body/mind. This is taking care of yourself because when you let go, you free yourself from the shackles of worry and needless suffering…while also helping to prevent a diagnosis within the future. People do not realize how negative emotions, conflict and obsessing over wounds of the past literally cause toxicity in your cells, blood, organs, etc…leading you down the path of illness and dysfunction.

That being said, the way you communicate with yourself is crucial to your well-being and your level of success in your life. If you keep telling yourself how “stupid” “fat” or “idiotic” you are, your cells vibrate at this low energy frequency, making you toxic, and you even start to believe this crap you are bullying yourself with! So, make a point of looking at yourself through eyes of love and compassion…when you look in the mirror, get past the human form, and recognize the beautiful, divine soul that stands before you. Love, honor and respect yourself, and once you do this, the world will love, honor and respect you too! Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

It is also so important to set healthy boundaries within your life. If there is someone in your life who is critical, demeaning or vindictive in any way, as tough as it may be, let them go! You don’t have to be harsh…do it gently…with compassion. Afterall, they are only treating you poorly because they do not value themselves…damaged people “damage” people. Sad, but true. You can try to help them heal, but if they are in denial, or if they are simply content being the way they are, you must release the burden of trying to save everyone at the expense of your own health. Some people will try to suck the life right out of you…it is up to you to say “No” and move on. Wish them love…bless them…let go.

Most of us live a number of decades not knowing what it is to love and take care of ourselves…many of us die never knowing! One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to accept our vulnerability and drop the resiliency card! Do not cover up your emotions that need to be expressed, by buying another handbag or pair of shoes…this method never works! It is time to fully acknowledge the present, comfortable or uncomfortable. Replace your fears with trust and embrace the truth. The world will take on a whole new appearance…a completely meaningful, abundant, kinder and compassionate radiance that will inspire and encourage you to move through all that you must. You will realize that our challenges and misfortunes are actually gifts that make you stronger. When you learn to let go of things you cannot control, you liberate yourself from the shackles of worry and distress…you will then have more clarity, peace and vitality. Stop being hard on yourself for not having all the answers, or for something that happened in the past…move forward, with your head high, your heart wide open…vulnerability is strength, and your spirit FREE! This is truly taking care of yourself.

Release the stories of the past and the worries about the future…be in the now…this is all you have…this very moment. And be so aware as to what you are doing, thinking and feeling…let go of what doesn’t serve you and embrace all that does. Practice saying no to all that doesn’t serve you for your highest good…without guilt or shame. Be true to yourself and in doing so, you are being true to others. Acknowledge every accomplishment, however small and you will feel your spirit rise to great heights! Know how amazingly you adapt, heal and grow in any situation. Stop denying your greatness! You consist of love, compassion and healing…allow the miracles to appear when you begin to take care of you!

Choose to wake up wholly every single morning, connecting to your spirit and nurturing as well as nourishing yourself from the inside out. Create a sanctuary for yourself each day to journal, meditate…replenish yourself every day and you will experience more joy, gratitude, creativity and inner wisdom.

How do you take care of yourself from the inside out? How do you acknowledge feelings, thoughts and all that must be expressed?

If you need help with taking care of you…a great start is the Inner Miracles audio series: http://innermiracles.com/product_Audio_CDs_8.html

Your Journey To Miraculous Inner Peace is a fantastic way to nurture and empower yourself. Also, if you have trouble sleeping, Your Miracle To Peaceful Sleep has become incredibly popular and people are now off of medication for sleep, pain, anxiety and depression. Choose to shift you life to the next level! honor yourself and live authentically. Namaste.


Quality sleep is absolutely essential to your well-being and longevity. Lack of sleep is linked to heart disease, stroke, cancer, obesity, premature aging, anxiety, depression, poor memory, impaired learning and premature death. Most people think sleep is not important, but it is so essential to your health, your level of stress management, mood and mental clarity/productivity as well as your relationships! Who wants to be around an irritable person? Your relationships at work and at home will dramatically improve.
You will also have less desire to reach for caffeine, sugar or any “quick energy fix”, because you will feel so much more energized.

People who get adequate rest, tend to lead more positive, productive and higher quality lives, not to mention adding years to their lifespan!

While you sleep, your body literally restores and repairs tself. When you only get 4 or 6 hours of sleep, this is not enough to heal all that your body requires.

Some people may get eight hours of sleep, however, they never feel rested. This is because you are not getting REM sleep, which is the deep sleep necessary for healing and revitalization.

If you or someone you know, has any issues with sleep, you may save their lives, or at least enhance their quality of life by following the link to the Hypnosis audio below.

Do you have problems with sleep? “Your Miracle To Peaceful Sleep” audio program is helping people so much that they are no longer in need of medication for sleep, anxiety and depression! It is even helping to eliminate pain! So happy to see these incredible results ;) Quality sleep is essential for healing and well-being. Our CD’s are now being used in hospitals with some Doctors who do not want to prescribe too many medications and the results are wonderful! If you need help with sleep, here is the link



HEALING OUR CONFLICTS WITH LOVE: My new article for THE DAILY LOVE is out today. Visit http://thedailylove.com/love-and-conflict/ Or, you can read the article here:

“How can I make sure I come from a loving place?” asked my friend Robert, as we talked on the phone. Robert was experiencing a conflict with a good friend. He felt hurt and misunderstood. He wanted to defend himself and attack. He also wanted to experience resolution and peace. The timing of Robert’s call was perfect. It just so happened I was in the middle of a conflict with a good friend of mine too. It’s funny how life works. So, I shared with Robert my way of addressing conflicts with love. Here it is.

Step 1: Attunement to Love. To come from a loving place, you must remember that you are made of love. It’s when we forget who we are that we end up misunderstanding each other. “There is no conflict that does not entail the single, simple question, ‘What am I?’” states A Course in Miracles. If a situation is going to end in love, you must start with love. Therefore, the first step is to attune to love. Breathe in, and feel the love that is your true nature. Breathe out, and let this love flow through you.

Step 2: Dedication to Love. Give your relationship to love. Visualize yourself and the other person surrounded by love. Give the conflict to love. See you and everyone else supported by love. There’s much talk about “falling in love” and “falling out of love.” The truth is, however, love is always present. “No one has ever been angry at another human being – we’re only angry at our story of them,” writes Byron Katie, author of Loving What Is. When you dedicate a relationship and/or a situation to love, you are affirming that you want to step beyond the story into the truth.

Step 3: Speak to Love. Tell love how you are feeling about the situation. Be honest, not positive. No suppression, no ulcers. Tell love about your anger, the injustice, and the hurt you feel. Confess your worst stuff, about how you want to throw yoghurt at them, how you wish they had cellulite, and how you want revenge. Get it off your chest so that you can be in your heart. Love can handle all your emotions, if you are willing to hand them over.

Step 4: Listen to Love. Now it’s time to listen to love for guidance and inspiration. Love always answers. If you ask love for help, love will help you. Love is intelligent. Love knows what is needed, because love doesn’t judge. When you listen to love, you are taking your thinking to a higher level. “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them,” said Albert Einstein. Place your trust in love and love will take you where you need to go.

Step 5: Act with Love. You can ask love specific questions like, “What would you have me know?” and “What would you have me do?” Love will prompt you to do only what is good for you. If it’s right for you to apologize, or to make amends, love will say so. If it’s helpful for you to drop your defenses, to meet up, and to talk, then love will tell you. Love won’t tell you what you should do, and love will never put you in danger, but it will encourage you to face your fears and to act with love. Acting with love is what brings all conflicts to an end in the end.


What are your thoughts on this beautiful article?


Seriously…visiting people that are ill in the hospital sets me even more passionately on my life mission! Witnessing all of the suffering…the power that has been sucked out of the patients lying lifeless in their beds…the “food” being offered to those who are suffering from cancer and heart disease…”sir, you may have had a stroke, however, would you prefer chocolate cake or a donut for dessert after your roast beef, gravy and processed magical potatoes and veggies??” mmmmmmmmmm…YUMBO!!!! Another stroke on the menu!!

If you have a loved one in the hospital, do them a favor…bring them nourishing food…fruits, veggies, smoothies…seriously…this is not “health care”, we are promoting illness! NO ONE WILL HEAL ON CHOCOLATE CAKE, BEEF and DAIRY!!! And they have licenced Dieticians??? The problem is that they follow the Canada Food Guide…YIKES.

This is serious…this has to change. We have so much coming out VERY soon to help PREVENT a hospital visit!!! Even at this very moment…we have downloads instantly available to prevent disease, heal disease and transform your life on all levels. Check out the Audio CDs…amazing and empowering!! People are quitting their meds and making positive lifestyle changes. YOU can do this too!!

Much love and gratitude,



I just had a major breakthrough while writing my book The Anatomy Of A Calling.

Loneliness causes disease. We know this. There’s a whole chapter revealing the unquestionable science proving that the two are integrally linked in Mind Over Medicine. Most people I know suffer from a profound sense of existential loneliness, even if they’re surrounded by loved ones. They feel different- not good enough or better than, not worthy or special.

The feeling of loneliness stems from a sense of not belonging, not fitting in, not being like the others. I felt it my whole life. And IT’S ALL AN EGO TRAP. My ego wants to make me special and different, but also not good enough and unworthy (two sides of the same ego coin.)

I just wrote this in my book:
“It’s a funny paradox. I’m special because I have a spark of divinity within me, and this makes me essentially worthy. But I’m not special, because we all have that divine spark within, and we are all equally worthy.

My ego simply can’t handle this thought. She rejects it completely. She has to be either “better than” or “less than” everyone else in order to stay relevant. But my Inner Pilot Light knows better…”

Here’s the breakthrough. How do we solve this existential loneliness that predisposes us to disease? The cure for loneliness is illumination of how our egos operate and identification not with the smallness of the ego, that part of us that is emotionally attached to a certain mental self-image we have of ourselves, but identification with the vastness, the mystery, the wonder of our Inner Pilot Lights, that part of us that is integrally connected to every other living being on the planet. When we know in our bones that we are not alone because we are part of a collective, we are integrally linked, not just to each other as humans, but to the animals, the plants, all life forms, and God, then it is impossible to feel lonely. Love is all around, and you are the embodiment of it. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We are all connected- really.

The part of you that doesn’t believe me, the part that feels disconnected from God, the Universe, all life forms, is your ego. It has to make up a separation story in order to stay relevant. And it’s simply not true. You are not separate from the mystery, therefore you have NO reason to ever feel lonely! You have all the love you need right here, right now, connected to everyone else who is reading this and all the others who aren’t.

I’m having one of those goose bumps of truth moments. I just taught the doctors in the Whole Health Medicine Institute in a group coaching call with Bridgette Boudreau. And while we were coaching the docs about ego, my assistant Pearl texted me to say that my shaman friend Jon Rasmussen had popped up on our software as being on the line. Why was Jon there? We thought he might have gotten confused because he led another class another time. But he says he didn’t call in at all, even though the software registered him as on the phone for a whole hour. Now I know it was my sign that I was about to have a breakthrough- and Jon’s spirit was there to help me connect the dots.

Loneliness causes disease, and the cure for loneliness lies in identification with the Inner Pilot Light, not the ego, so we know we are all part of something much bigger than our small little selves. Bingo. Goosebumps again…

Had to share this post from an INCREDIBLE Doctor making a difference! What do YOU feel about this post? Some people are lonely within…so even when they are with people, they still feel alone. This is so important to address before you become dysfunctional on a physical level. Your body is a temple which houses your soul…don’t contribute to an illness by ignoring your emotions. If you feel lonely, it is certainly time to go within and heal the emptiness inside. What are your thoughts on this?

Sharing “How To Set Awkward Boundaries” by Judith Orloff

How to Set Awkward Boundaries: “No” is a Complete Sentence!
Judith Orloff – Friday, September 13, 2013
Adapted from Dr. Judith Orloff’s NY Times bestseller “Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life” and “Positive Energy: 10 Extraordinary Prescriptions for Transforming Fatigue, Stress, and Fear into Vibrance, Strength, and Love”

It may sometimes be awkward to set healthy boundaries with negative or draining people, but it is an important skill to learn. If someone has unrealistic expectations of you or unable to respect your feelings remember “No” is a complete sentence. A key to setting boundaries is to come from a centered, unemotional, place—not to be reactive. For example if someone has been saying disparaging comments about you, from a heartfelt center say, “Please don’t talk about me to others. It’s inappropriate and disrespectful.” Then refuse to argue about it, even if your buttons are pushed.

Here are some additional tips from my books, “Emotional Freedom” and “Positive Energy” to help you set boundaries, especially when it feels really awkward.

Dealing with an Emotional Drainer
If you meet someone and your energy starts bottoming out, don’t think twice about politely removing yourself from this killing interchange. One of my favorite foolproof lines is, “Excuse me; I really have to go to the bathroom.” Even the most intrepid vampire doesn’t have a counter-argument for that. It’s important that you move at least twenty feet from beyond the person’s energy field. Whenever your well-being feels at risk around certain people, make a tactful and swift exit. In a spot, physically extruding yourself is a sure, quick solution.

Dealing with a Constant Talker
The secret to dealing with a constant talker is knowing they don’t respond to nonverbal cues. You have no choice but to make your needs audible. Tone is especially critical with these vampires. They’re hypersensitive to rejection, which provokes them to ramp up their verbiage. So, with a constant talker try to be caring–these are wounded people!–but stay definite and neutral. Then, from a heart-center, set the parameters of your dialogue. Then you won’t be left limp, resentful, or forced into rudeness. You can politely say, “I’m a very quiet person, so excuse me for not talking a long time,” or “I feel left out when you dominate the conversation. I’d really appreciate a few minutes to talk too.”

Dealing with a Criticizer
If an intimate or co-worker keeps telling you how to deal with something, politely say, “I value your advice, but I really want to work through this myself.” You may need to remind the controller of your position several times, always in a kind, neutral tone. Repetition is key. Respectfully reiterating your stance over days or weeks will slowly recondition negative communication patterns and redefine the terms of the relationship. If you reach an impasse, agree to disagree. Then make the subject off limits.

Dealing with a Complainer
The moment you sense a complainer revving up, take a slow, deep breath to center yourself. Breathing is a wonderful way to quickly reconnect with your life force so their in-your-face intensity won’t sear into your energy field and cause burn-out. Keep concentrating on your breath. Tell yourself you know what’s happening, and you can handle it. As I remind my patients: you have power here. I know how easily we can lose it. But, when beset by this overheated drainer, you need to own that moment. Do so by letting your breath release tension and ground you. This will keep you from getting caught up in their story. Then lovingly tell them, “Our relationship is important to me, but it’s not helpful to keep feeling sorry for yourself. I can only listen for five minutes unless you’re ready to discuss solutions,” or “I’m really sorry that’s happening to you.” Then, after listening briefly, smile and say, “I’ll keep good thoughts for things to work out. I hope you understand, I’m on deadline and I must return to work.”

If you feel like you are being overwhelmed by a difficult person here are some strategies to help you gain control and become centered again.

When you feel attacked break eye contact to stop the transfer of negativity.
Use the breath to retrieve your life force. Let it function like a vacuum cleaner. With each inhalation visualize yourself power-suctioning back every drop of energy that’s being snatched from you. Keep inhaling until the job is done. Do this in the presence of a vampire or later on.
Exhale negative energy and stress out the back of your lower spine. There are spaces between your lumbar vertebrae, natural exit points for energy. Touch the area; get a feel for the anatomy. When toxicity accumulates, expel it through these spaces. Envision dark gunk leaving your body. Then breathe in fresh air and sunlight, a quick re-vitalizer.
Jump in a bath or shower to clear negativity and prevent further drain. If you are feeling particularly drained add Epson salts or sea salts to the water. If you are in the shower you can rub sea salt on your skin and then wash it off. Drink plenty of water to flush toxicity from your system too. Also you can burn sage where this vampire has been to purify every nook and cranny. (This works well in hotel rooms when a prior guest’s left-over energy feels uncomfortable, but use only a little so you don’t trigger the smoke alarm!)


Sometimes in life, you come across people who are either rude, competitive or arrogant…the list may go on. People have their reasons for being a certain way, but we must realize, a lot of this behaviour is not even stemming from the conscious mind. The subconscious mind stores every memory or life experience, whether good or not so good, igniting beliefs and perceptions which lead to behavioural patterns.

People who compare themselves to others, for example “I am taller, smarter, richer, etc…” are just very insecure about themselves. They require constant validation, which can make it very difficult o be in their lives. How draining is it to have to constantly convince someone that they are “good enough” when they refuse to go within and truly learn about what beauty is? You can get the nose job, the breast implants, etc…but you will never be satisfied and you will continue to need validation and plastic surgery until you exhaust all that you can do externally, and are forced to either go within and discover your truth, or deal with dysfunction or illness due to the insecurity, resentment or jealousy you experience as you continuously feel “unacceptable”. These types of people need compassion, and one day hopefully they will learn to have it for themselves and others. We cannot judge…we have not walked in “their” shoes.

Insecure people generally come across as “cocky”, arrogant or rude, as they try to assert power and confidence in n overt, aggressive manner, trying to make up for the extreme powerlessness they suffer from. Perhaps these people are bullies, or have been bullied. You never know their history, but just realize that when you come across these types of people, do not feel intimidated, but instead “kill them with kindness”…teach them the way to compassion through kindness. True confidence, is not cocky, arrogant, competitive or aggressive…true confidence is silent, while insecurity s very loud. In any situation, compassion is the answer.

I am not encouraging you to surround yourself with these types of people, you have a choice. However, I am encouraging you to offer compassion and kindness when you have to deal with them. Sometimes, you have to cut he ties from old friends or family because you must respect yourself enough to choose to surround yourself with people who love and respect themselves, so you are treated with love and respect. This is not selfish, it is mandatory. This is about practising self-love…without it, life will become negative, and you will never reach your divine potential.

It has been proven that you become like the 5 people you hang out with the most…be choosey…you have the power to choose who you become. You do not have the power to save those who are unhappy, insecure, arrogant, etc…they must save themselves. All you can do is be an inspiration.

“Be kind to unkind people. They need it the most”

Much love to all of you!! Happy weekend!! Namaste.


Allow yourself to flow with the miraculous energy of complete gratitude…for every breath, every person, every form of life…for another day to experience your gift of life.

When our attention is focused on the blessings in our lives, we feel connected to everything in the universe. We experience our wholeness and oneness with all creation. When our hearts are filled with appreciation, when we thrive in gratitude, we are completely engaged in the present moment, releasing bonds of past regrets and worries about the future. In this state of sincere appreciation, we radiate unconditionally loving vibration from within to all life forms surrounding us. This results in healing within and around us…shifting the Universal vibration to the highest level possible…the frequency of love.

When you are mindful of all of your blessings, you feel a oneness with all life forms because you are complete with all that truly matters. You do not seek wholeness outside of yourself through materialism or attention of any kind. You are content and fulfilled in the wonder of you and the gift of life.

Write a letter of gratitude to the Universe or your Creator today. Read it aloud and bask in the joy of full awareness and complete satisfaction in just be-ing.



Bullying has become so epidemic in more ways than one can imagine.  Not only has it led to suicides, but it is also the cause of many negative and limited belief patterns throughout the lives of others.  People have been completely wounded and traumatized by the abuse and trauma inflicted upon them by others.  People must realize that the limited beliefs and traumas are stored within the subconscious minds of those affected, leading to these beautiful beings choosing relationships that are unhealthy, unhealthy habits regarding diet or addictions of any kind, as well as settling for careers or unemployment due to the fact that they feel unworthy of anything more.

Not only may they inflict their own wounds upon others in forms of abuse, but they may also be diagnosed with an illness such as cancer, heart disease, etc…because the experiences they have had and the negative belief patterns they live by, result in toxicity at a cellular level.  Your subconscious mind controls your beliefs, habits,  blood pressure, heart rate, breathing patterns and biochemistry, therefore your beliefs become your biology.

So, next time you witness bullying or abuse, or if you are inflicting pain upon others, think about the detrimental effects your words and actions may have.  You may be contributing to premature deaths, domestic abuse in the world around you…but also within YOUR inner world.  What you do or say effects every cell, nerve, organ and fiber within your body…be kind.  Heal yourself and others with your intentions.  Every word, thought or deed is powerful beyond measure.



Friends give us the gift of helping us learn more about our selves while also being a mirror for the other.

Good friends enrich our lives in so many ways. Through a magical combination of similarities and differences, friends offer us the opportunity to know ourselves as we are and help us grow into who we want to be. Our similarities attract us to each other, comforting us with familiarity when we see ourselves in them. When we are drawn to those we admire, the same recognition is at work, unconsciously acknowledging that these people possess qualities that we ourselves possess. By acting as mirrors, friends help us define who we are by reflecting our selves back to us.

Friends also help us know ourselves through our differences. Differences allow us to see other options and make choices about who we want to be. Sometimes we are drawn to those who appear to be our opposites, and we learn to accept the parts of them we love and the parts of them that don’t resonate with us, thus allowing us a valuable learning experience. By expanding our understanding to include others’ experiences, friends help us accept others. By understanding when someone’s life differs from our own, we can learn about ourselves in contrast. There are times when we see in friends what we don’t like about ourselves. That mirror reflection may be hard to take, but a good friend helps us find ways we can change and supports us in that choice.

Part of the joy of friendship is the feeling that we are accepted just the way we are, with no need to change. It is a gift they give us, and one we can give back every day. Ultimately, we choose friends because they make us feel good about ourselves and life. Through tears and difficulties, friends help us find the laughter. When we find those special people who offer us that perfect combination of comfort and stimulus to grow, we are very fortunate. Friends, those wonderful companions that walk with us through life, help us define and refine who we are and who we choose to be every day.