Many of us think we can be everything for everyone. We take on far too much responsibility, while we ignore the signs that our bodies are trying to show us…exhaustion, overwhelm, unhealthy cravings, addictions, memory loss, diminishing mental clarity, breakouts, weight gain, poor quality sleep, pain, depression, mood swings…the list is endless. So we keep denying or numbing what the body is telling us…until one day…a diagnosis of diabetes, multiple sclerosis or cancer is our new path. Can you imagine adding this to the overwhelm? Although, a massive heart attack or stroke can be the result as well…what are we all waiting for?

Taking time for you is essential. Laughing with friends is essential. Honoring your body by nourishing it with healing foods is essential…don’t deny yourself of these needs. we all must live in a state of harmony. Our environments must be peaceful, sacred spaces…if they are not, then you must take action and create the sacred spaces required for you to feel you have entered a haven of revitalization when you arrive. Equally important, is the people who are present in your environments…at home and at work. If you are living in conflict with someone in your space, this will drain you immensely. You must change your perception of these people to one of compassion and understanding with proper communication and an open heart, unless of course you are required to sever ties for reasons such as abuse, etc. love yourself enough to honor where you spend your time and with whom. Boundaries are healthy when necessary, but surrounding yourself with the right people is nonnegotiable if you are to live a healthy, vital life. Love and connection is an imperative need for all of humanity.

Your body doesn’t lie…if your temple is talking to you…you better listen! Take inventory of your life: what are you feeding your body and mind with? Are you drained after being in certain spaces or with certain people? Are you not getting quality sleep? Do you do too much for others and nothing for yourself? Are you trying to do EVERYTHING at home, work, in activities…do you need to prioritize and delegate what you cannot handle?

If you are a caregiver, you must realize that premature death is very high if you are burning yourself at both ends of the candle. And imagine…if you have a sudden stroke or heart attack, who will be there to take your place…and to take care of YOU?

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