My Father has been very weak and disabled the last few years. He has been on life support and survived, he has had many health issues related to a few accidents. The first accident, he was hit by a truck while walking in a parking lot and needed hip surgery. And the second accident, he was practically t-boned by a 19 year old with an extremely heavy foot…he has almost died sooo many times in the last few years due to complications of these traumas. I have been forced into becoming a little more comfortable with death because I have had to. My father now lives with us as of last week and it is the best thing I could ever have done! I feel so grateful to have such a supportive husband to be able to do this…not everyone would be okay with having the in-laws move in temporarily, not to mention how compassionate and helpful he is.

At first, my father was very stressed about being a “burden” in our busy lives. To see the look in his eyes, for him to show from the depths of his precious soul, how saddened he is, how worthless he feels because he can’t do what he used to and how he just didn’t know in his heart how loved and valued he is, hurt me. I realized how I wasn’t spending enough time showing him how loved he is, but just calling him to say “I love you” because I was so “busy” with work…with raising a family, etc…I woke up! I fully expressed to him how loved he is, how he has been the best dad anyone could ask for, and how happy I am to have him and my mom staying with us so we can laugh more together, so we can say goodnight in person, and we could see him play with his grandson and witness how mush family lit him up…the look in his eyes, the emotion in his soul shifted greatly from being a burden, to being a blessing in our lives! I felt the shift in his energy raise to a much higher, healthier level, as I was reassured that for him to just realize how loved he truly is at a soul level and how important he is in our lives, was so healing for him at a deeper level than the physical. His body may not function like it used to…it may never fully heal, but the healing in his soul was so touching and so extraordinary that peace was ignited within my very own soul.

So many times in the last few years, I have been so afraid of “what will happen next”, that I wasn’t living fully in the capacity of love I am capable of. When you set fear aside, by living in love, the most profound healing takes place.

I noticed a shift in my father face, from pale to a more rosy, healthy complexion just hours after our talk. I said to him “Wow dad, you are looking so much better! You have colour in your face and your eyes are brighter! That is so wonderful! You must be getting healthier! Health is number one!” He replied “No Nancy, it is family…family is number one. Knowing you are loved by your family and that you matter is so much more important than the physical healing that I may acquire. I am so grateful to have you guys…I am so lucky.” WE are the lucky ones…to still have my dad. I am so grateful for every moment I have with him…you never know how long you have with anyone. Anyone can pass at anytime…so make sure to express love to all of the beautiful people in your life! See the shift in their eyes…feel the shift in their energy. Don’t live in fear…the “what if’s” are taking your energy away from the amazing power of love that you could be expressing and living in every moment.

Love heals. Sometimes you may not witness a physical healing, but when the soul is touched in such a loving way, extraordinary depths of healing and peace are achieved.

Much love to all of you! Reach out today to those you love-including yourself!! The more you love yourself on a soul level, the greater the depths of love you will experience in this life!

Namaste beautiful souls. Love and light to all of you!


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