Whether bullying has taken place in your childhood or adulthood, detrimental effects can result. You may have been bullied by other kids, your parents, siblings, teachers, etc…or you may be experiencing bullying in the workplace as an adult. Either way, the way you perceive and respond to bullying, or should you be a bystander, we can all make a difference and help to not only eradicate the bullying epidemic, but we may also prevent disease, dysfunction and mental health issues in the world today.

You are likely wondering how it is possible for bullying to lead to something so serious as a cancer diagnosis or heart disease, but it is highly possible. Our mind/body connection is so very powerful and when we link our life experiences, our belief patterns, our emotions, thoughts and habits together, with the biochemistry of our bodies, we have a powerful connection amongst every part of our being. Just as we can experience disease and dysfunction through our life experience and belief patterns, we can also experience healings and the miraculous, when working with the affected person as a whole being.

When someone has been a victim of bullying, the thoughts, emotions, cells and organs become toxic and dysfunctional, should they perceive the bullying experience as detrimental and a personal attack (which most people would view the experience this way), however, if working with the subconscious mind and shifting the belief patterns and perceptions of the experience, you may heal the cells, organs and entire being and never experience any illness mentally or physically.

With Hypnosis, NLP and Psych K, one’s belief patterns can shift completely in a short period of time, transforming your life dramatically, making a huge difference in your potential and destiny. Whether you receive a diagnosis, or become homeless…it can be as extreme as that. This can happen to anyone who experiences abuse of any kind and accepts the abuse as a direct result of their worthiness or lack thereof.

Obviously, the ones who are inflicting the abusive behaviour upon others, are suffering within as well. They have low self-esteem and self worth, and they very well may have been victims of abuse and bullying in their own lives. Therefore, the likeliness of a “bully” getting diagnosed with a mental or physical illness is high. If only people realized the detrimental effects their words and actions have upon others, as well as their own health and overall destiny, the awareness would create a halt in this behaviour, or at least have those inflicting the suffering on a mission to seek the help they require to discontinue this behaviour and to allow themselves and others to shine in their very own beautiful authenticity, divinity and uniqueness. we all deserve to feel safe in this world. We all deserve to live a life of soulful expression. no one has the power nor the right to demolish the hope and well-being in the lives of our children, our elderly or anyone, for that matter.

If you or someone you know, suffers from the effects of bullying, please download an audio program suitable to them and their situation. Here are the following links to creating miraculous transformation within as little as 28 days!

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