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Disharmony leads to fear based emotions and programming.

Society has been taught how expressing your emotions is a sign of weakness, especially negative emotions. When we are living in a stress response to life, the majority of our emotions will be negative. Therefore, we are suppressing these emotions due to the fear instilled within us of looking vulnerable or weak. Feelings that are buried alive, do not die off. Instead, your body will express these emotions as a disease or a dysfunction of the body/mind. This audio will guide to connect within, so you may find your inner peace, helping you to eliminate fear, to experience life in a more loving, positive or calm manner, therefore helping you to express yourself wholeheartedly and authentically. You will experience the bliss of life while maintaining a healthier biochemistry and living with vitality!

Stress leads to disease and dysfunction.

Your cells are affected by every thought, emotion, action or word. When you are stressed or lack the ability to cope with the demands of life, your overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety, cause your cells, as well as your biochemistry to become toxic and unhealthy. Your cells will thank you for the harmony you will experience within, therefore preventing disease and needless suffering.


Divorce prevention/Healthy relationships.

When we are stressed or overwhelmed, we cannot connect with our loved ones, our friends or our coworkers in a fulfilling, harmonious manner. If we are stressed within, we are reactive to others, and to life situations. Imagine if you felt peaceful within, how easy it would be to focus on the best in others, to see with eyes of love and compassion. Imagine the freedom you would have to connect. You may blame others, but if you do not find the peace within, you can get divorced or switch jobs or end a friendship, but if you do not find the peace, you will never attain balance or unconditional love in any of your relationships. So, find the peace, and experience the truly nurturing love you are craving in all of your relationships.

Stress induced addictions.

Addictions are derived from stress. Whether you eat, drink or smoke when you are stressed, or whether you are addicted to drama in your life, stress can certainly ruin the quality of your life! By connecting within, and finding inner peace, you may literally save your life, by finding healthy, vital ways to respond to the demands of life. Inner Peace will guide you to your inner healer, so you may fully empowered and nothing has control over your life, except you! You will become the Master of Your Life!

• Higher state of awareness in all that you do

Ability to be fully in the moment, to live wholeheartedly

Deeper connection within,-gratitude for life,

Ability to breathe deeply,-a peaceful spirit

Less reactive to stress, more responsive to life

Enhanced mental clarity,-more harmony within your relationship with yourself and others

Increased energy,-positive outlook

Healthier habits,-possibly weight loss, clearer skin

Inner joy for simpler things in life


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I have a very busy life with 4 kids and 3 jobs! I am a single mother and do not have 5 minutes to myself! Finding my way to Inner Peace has changed my life forever! I just listen to it as I fall asleep, and there is a huge shift in my perception of life, as well as my ability to deal with life itself!! My life has never been so peaceful until now. Nancy has the voice of an angel and I am so grateful to finally feel that life is worthwhile once again! I no longer blow up on my kids because I am overwhelmed, I feel that there is a more loving, peaceful bond within our family now! Life is great!

Ciara, Nova Scotia

My main goal in life was always money! The funny thing is, I came to see Nancy for NLP to reach my next financial goal. I decided to buy the INNER PEACE audio, just because I love Nancy as a Coach, not to mention her amazing voice! Now, after listening to this audio for only a few weeks, I now realize that money is not everything! I now take the time to read bedtime stories to my young son, whom, if I continued the way I was, I never would have seen grow up! So weird to find what I am truly is not money, it is love and joy from within. Mind you, I am reaching my financial goals, but it just seems to be so effortless! I suppose I am less stressed, so it is all just falling into place! Thank you Nancy!!

Robert, Sudbury, Ontario
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