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Miraculous Weight Loss

You deserve your best life and being healthy, vital and joyful is nonnegotiable! Be empowered! Inner Miracles makes it fun and easy to create lasting change, transformation and vitality!


Control over cravings, eating mindfully,nourishing your body temple over contaminating it increased self acceptance and self esteem,enhanced vitality, weight loss, healthy lifestyle habits,healthier relationships, positive outlook on life,ability to wear what you want and feel amazing!

If you are at your healthy weight, you will have energy! Your cells will be healthy and vital, preventing needless suffering in your mind, body, heart and soul.

 Prevent premature death. Being overweight leads to disease and dysfunction. Obesity or excess weight is linked to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and depression. Help yourself to prevent disease by being at a healthy weight, nourishing your temple with healthy foods and beverages. Eat to live!

• Learn healthy habts. Mindful eating is an important part of being at a healthy weight. Learning to cope with emotions that have caused you to turn to food to stifle these emotions, will cause you to find inner peace, while eliminating addictions and cravings. You will learn to master your life instead of being at the mercy of your cravings!

• Freedom to LIVE! When you are at a healthy weight, you will ignite your spirit within, learning to live life at the fullest! You will be able to love wholeheartedly, laugh wholeheartedly and live wholeheartedly. You will not be weighed down by excess weight, limited energy and shame. You will proud to be you and able to express WHO you truly are! Healthy self-esteem is one click away!

• Enjoy activities with friends and family. Increase your endurance and stamina so you can keep up to others without extra weight holding you back! Your relationships will improve with your new positive outlook on life due to feeling better about yourself!

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I have lost 30 pounds and I am now at my ideal weight! I am so much more active and healthy! I feel amazing and my relationship with my husband is better than ever. I wear what I want, I am not ashamed of who I am anymore! I am proud to be me. Thank you, Nancy!!!!" Leila, Thunder Bay, Ontario " I discovered I had been burying my emotions by stuffing my face! I felt that I couldn't handle everyday life in a mentally/emotionally abusive marriage and a very stressful and toxic work environment. When I finally took charge of my life, I lost 64 pounds!! I left my husband and somehow started to LOVE my work!! I am enjoying my children, and focusing on my health and my life. I will be climbing mount Kilimanjaro in 2013!!! Thank you, Nancy!! It has been an amzing journey with the yummy menu you provided and the blissful audio programs!! Life will NEVER be the same!

Elaina, Boulder, CO
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