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The Miracle of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the foundation to all healing! Who will benefit:   

- Depression, Anxiety, Grief - Abuse, Relationship Issues
- Low Self Esteem, Addiction - Anger, Resentment
- Cancer, Heart Disease -  PTS Disorder



"I experienced extremely low self esteem all of my life until my mid 30's. I had been sexually, emotionally and physically abused as a child by many of my mother's boyfriends. She had about 10 different men in her life and 7 abused me. I left home at 16 and was living on the streets for 1 year until I met a woman, Iris, who saved my life! She took me in and I felt safe and secure for the first time in my life. Even though life was improving, I had suicidal thoughts until recently. Thanks to Nancy Penttila's beautiful work and passionate, unconditionally loving heart, I learned to not only forgive my past, but to forgive myself for feeling that I was to blame for all of the abuse! I let go of the anger, blame and guilt. Now I am free! Forgiveness has been the greatest gift to myself! I am now in an incredible relationship and going back to school. I look in the mirror and love my soul. Thank you Nancy! I love you and I have never been so peaceful!!"

Mary Ann, Portland, Oregan

"I am now at peace with myself for the traumatic experiences I created for others and for myself, and those I loved. I served in the army and I finally forgive myself after almost 70 years of sleepness nights dure to nightmares and tears! I am late in my life now, but finally free! Thank you, Nancy!`

Edward, San Francisco, CA


You will find clarity and the ability to move forward, towards your life purpose and divine potential.

 You will experience more grace, fulfillment and unconditional love in your relationships.

 You will see yourself and all life with eyes of compassion, gratitude and empathy.

 You will experience more zest and passion for life, as well as a deep sense of harmony and inner peace.

 Your choices will now all be in alignment with your goals and desires.

 You will eat well, move well and think well!

 Your energy will soar as you experience an incredible sense of well being and authentic expression.

 You will no longer live in fear, only love and gratitude. Healing will manifest in every dimension of your life, including the likely healing or expanded awareness and growth regarding a diagnosis or poor prognosis.

 You will believe in yourself and trust in the process of life, restoring your sense of wonder once again.

You will Reclaim your power, recapture your health and revitalize your life while becoming the Master of your Destiny! 

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"Don`t believe anyone when they say it is never too late. Live NOW. Act NOW. Before you ruin your life with addiction or fear, change NOW! I gained so much weight by stuffing my emotions with food, that I was almost 300 pounds! I was bullied in school and at home as a child. I have now learned to forgive! I now am down to 187 pounds! I have 30 pounds or more to go, but the fat just started to melt off as I forgave. I made better food choices, carried more loving, positive thoughts and feelings and now I am feeling incredible! I do have stretch marks and loose skin to deal with, but I have INNER PEACE and LOVE for myself and others. I am ME. I am proud to be me and feel like I won the lottery! I love Nancy!! You saved my saved my soul!"

Grace, Vancouver, B.C.
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