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If you have been a Bully or Abuser in any way you will transform into a compassionate, confident, peaceful being who accepts oneself and allows others to do the same without any judgement or the need to control or gain attention, after using this empowering audio program.

Anyone who has a tendency to contribute to the pain of others, using words, actions, gossip.  This may be someone who harms animals, children, spouses, the elderly, coworkers, classmates, celebrities, friends...if you feel anger or resentment within and feel the need to judge, criticize or hurt others physically, you need this!  You may be harming others, but with such negative thoughts, emotions and actions, your body and mind are becoming physically prepared for more suffering or a diagnosis if you do not choose to heal yourself.
Discover The Miracle of You: Release The Bully Within is needed because bullying has become an epidemic.  All of the fear, the needless suffering physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually that is being imposed upon the victims of bullying, must come to an end.  The victims of bullying are often feeling hopeless, worthless, helpless and suicidal or the negative effects of the abuse is causing toxicity within the mind and body, therefore leading to dysfunction and disease at a cellular level.  Stress on a chemical, physical, emotional/mental level has been proven to cause cancer, heart disease as well as any other diagnosis.


"I am 12 years old. I started bullying when I was 10. After seeing Nancy, I don't hurt anyone anymore and I have a lot of friends now. I am happy and so is my family. I wanted to die but now I want to live."-
Kelsey, Canada
The bully is a victim as well.  A bully suffers significantly since they have the intention of harming others.  A happy, compassionate person would never intentionally hurt others.  Therefore, the bully needs to heal in order for bullying to finally be under control.  We must have compassion, and realize that the bully need not be "blamed", but they must be heard.  They are seeking acceptance, attention and control.  Somewhere in their lives, they likely experience or have experienced bullying, abuse or neglect.  This audio will help the bully to forgive, have compassion, accept him/herself and to connect to the power within.  The bully will become an empowered leader of self-compassion and peace, which will emanate to emanate to the world around him/her.


Compassion for yourself and all forms of life.

Less judgement/criticism of yourself and all other forms of life.

An ability to express yourself without fear.

Inner peace, joy and vitality.

No longer seeking approval, attention or control.

New ability to live authentically while allowing others to do the same.

People will be more drawn to you.

More friends.

You will perform better at school, work and in life.

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"Don`t believe anyone when they say it is never too late. Live NOW. Act NOW. Before you ruin your life with addiction or fear, change NOW! I gained so much weight by stuffing my emotions with food, that I was almost 300 pounds! I was bullied in school and at home as a child. I have now learned to forgive! I now am down to 187 pounds! I have 30 pounds or more to go, but the fat just started to melt off as I forgave. I made better food choices, carried more loving, positive thoughts and feelings and now I am feeling incredible! I do have stretch marks and loose skin to deal with, but I have INNER PEACE and LOVE for myself and others. I am ME. I am proud to be me and feel like I won the lottery! I love Nancy!! You saved my saved my soul!"

Grace, Vancouver, B.C.
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