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Are you or have you been a victim of bullying or abuse? Become empowered with healing, acceptance, confidence and happiness by using this powerful audio program...transform your life within 28 days!

Anyone who feels hopeless, fearful, worthless, suicidal, shame...anyone who has been the victim or target for abuse at any age.  You may have been abused as a child, teen or elder.  No one is immune to abuse.  If you have had or have an abusive coworker, boss, spouse, partner, caregiver, or if you have been mistreated because of your sexual orientation, or because you are successful, famous...anything where you have experienced verbal, physical, sexual attacks. There really are no limits.  Your subconscious holds the may not even be aware as to why your self-esteem is so low, but you feel you need help with your confidence, self-acceptance or self worth.  Many of us abuse ourselves with addiction, self-talk or self-sabotage.  It is time to own your truth and SHINE!

DISCOVER THE MIRACLE OF YOU: HEAL THE VICTIM WITHIN is needed  because so many people are abused mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually, that they must learn to step into their own power in order to put an end to the violence imposed upon them.  There are so many suicides, as well as depression, anxiety, diseases and disorders caused by abuse.  When you feel worthless, hopeless and fearful in every moment of your life, your life will consist of endless suffering and likely premature death or suicide due to the toxicity of your mind, body and spirit.  There have been so many suicides due to teen bullying and it is time to put an end to this.  There is also a significant amount of child, animal, spousal and elder abuse leading to so much suffering on every level of those victimized.  The cycle must end.  Every being on the planet deserves to SHINE, to express their authenticity while feeling safe, joyful and peaceful about life.  Regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, status...EVERY life is a gift and has a reason to be alive on this planet.  It is time for YOU to reach your potential and to live your best life regardless of your "story" is time to heal, step into your power and CREATE your miraculous life!



"Nancy sees beyond your physical. She sees your soul, feels your energy, touches your spirit and makes you feel important. I am grateful to be happy, loved and fearless to be me! I do not
remember my childhood, but I healed my pain through Hypnosis and her healing hands, without revisiting the possible (likely) trauma. I have never felt better! I am loving life! Thank you Nancy for "seeing me" are a gifted,
loving Healer. I recommend the world to you!"-
Haley, Muskoka, canada




Enhanced self-esteem/self-worth.

A new zest for life!

Compassion for self and others.


More people will be drawn to you in a positive way.

You will embrace your authenticity.

Healing of those around you.

Peace within and around you.





Better relationships.


Leadership skills.

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"Don`t believe anyone when they say it is never too late. Live NOW. Act NOW. Before you ruin your life with addiction or fear, change NOW! I gained so much weight by stuffing my emotions with food, that I was almost 300 pounds! I was bullied in school and at home as a child. I have now learned to forgive! I now am down to 187 pounds! I have 30 pounds or more to go, but the fat just started to melt off as I forgave. I made better food choices, carried more loving, positive thoughts and feelings and now I am feeling incredible! I do have stretch marks and loose skin to deal with, but I have INNER PEACE and LOVE for myself and others. I am ME. I am proud to be me and feel like I won the lottery! I love Nancy!! You saved my saved my soul!"

Grace, Vancouver, B.C.
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